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My Yoga Journey

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How did it start?

Where I come from, a small village in the North of Switzerland, Yoga almost didn't exist when I was a child. If I remember well, there was only one yoga teacher miles away... 

First Yoga class

Many years later, I was 32 years, I had my first yoga class. I was NOT SPORTY and above all, NOT FLEXIBLE at all.


Since then, I never stopped to practice. Foremost, I practiced once a week, then three and after a little bit more than one year, I started to practice every day.


Yoga is calling

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After 7 years of practice, I needed to know more about the other parts of Yoga: philosophy, history, anatomy, meditation, etc. That's why I registered for a 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training. I did very selfishly for myself. 

After one month of an intense training, it was obvious, that I would like to be a Yoga Teacher.

I left my job as a Communication Freelancer and I began to teach full time in Singapore where I lived during almost 5 years. Then, after having lost my work permit in Singapore due to the Pandemic, I arrived in Bali where I lived and taught around 3 years.



How I think Yoga

Who's Yoga for?



Because yoga is life.


You can start NOW,  independently of  your age, the shape of your body, your skills in flexibility or strength.

There is a Yoga for everybody and a Yoga teacher for everybody.

As a Yoga teacher, I am here to serve. I welcome any student in my classes: beginners, intermediate, advanced, any culture, religion, or gender: you come as you are and we practice. Your body and mind will teach you the rest. I'm only here to guide you. It's that simple!

Yoga is fun and rock n'roll

My way to teach is pretty traditional. However, because Yoga is life and life is Rock N' roll, I like to put some fun on the yoga mat! 

You can learn more about my classes and the yoga I teach here.

My self practice

I started by practicing Hatha Yoga, which I still practice, more than 10 years ago. I discovered Ashtanga Yoga during my first Yoga Teacher Training and it became my self-practice. Now, I practice Ashtanga Mysore. In 2023, I had the privilege to study under the guidance of Paramaguru Sharath Jois in Mysore, India.

Yoga is not only a physical practice, that's why I also practice meditation, pranayama (breath work), mudra, relaxation, singing bowl and mantra chanting.

Just a secret: I am an arm balances lover. Those asana make me feel light and flying!





Yoga student forever

Yoga is a long journey in which we evolve constantly. Like you, I am still a student and I love to practice all the different parts of Yoga and keep learning. 




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