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Practice with me

Practice with me

Private Class

We can practice together in person!!!

I will come directly to your place and I will teach a private customized class especially for you.

Online Ashtanga Beginner

You never practice Yoga at all or you are a Yoga practitioner for a long time but you feel intimidated by this part of Yoga? I was, too. That's why I would like to make you discover all its benefits. Be curious!


Online Private Class

Unroll your mat anywhere you are all around the world for practicing in 1-1 with me. 

This class is tailor-made for you depending on your preferences and level. All levels are welcome.

You can choose the Yoga type you want to practice or asking me.

Special 1st Yoga class online

You would like to practice Yoga but you are afraid to push the door of a Yoga studio or you are afraid of what you heard about Yoga, this class is made for you. 

This is an honor to teach Yoga, especially for beginners. I would like to share with you this beautiful practice during your 1st class.


Here are the classes I offer. These courses are intended for adults (from 18 yo). Why? Quite simply because I am not yet certified to teach to the kids or teenagers. Now, it's time to unroll your mat!

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