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YTT - Yoga Teacher Trainings 

Ashtanga 50hrs

18-24 February 2024


This Ashtanga Teacher Training will give you a strong foundation about the principles and the practice of Ashtanga and the Primary Series in both styles: Ashtanga Vinyasa and Mysore. Through the knowledge of the asana, history, philosophy, and anatomy you will become a confident Ashtanga practitioner and teacher ready to lead the Primary Series following the tradition and assisting in an optimal way your students. Through the benefits of the practice on the body and the mind, you will live a transformative experience that will enrich your yoga journey.

To Whom?

All yogis, from beginners to experienced practitioners and even yoga teachers of different styles! Get ready to explore the captivating realm of Ashtanga yoga. This is an open invitation to embark on a transformative journey that will deepen your practice, expand your boundaries, and awaken your inner potential. Discover the power of Ashtanga yoga and unlock a world of endless possibilities. Join us today and experience the magic for yourself.

Super Early Bird Price: $ 684 US (until 18.11.2023)

Yin 50hrs

10-16 February 2024

YTT 50h - YIN

Yin yoga is slow-paced yoga that blends the principles of yoga with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. This 50 hours YTT Yin Yoga will provide you with the required knowledge of philosophy, history and anatomy to understand the principles of this holistic practice. You will experience on your body and your mind the benefits of the asanas and their variations with two classes a day. This will give you the opportunity to practically apply the theory and gain practical insight into the different ways of teaching Yin Yoga.

You will get all the tools you need to sequence your own lessons, teach with confidence, and find your own style. You will become a Yin Yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance who can guide and support your students on their own journey.

For whom?

Everyone! Whether you are a beginner in this practice or more advanced or whether you are already a yoga teacher or simply want to embrace a healing journey through yourself, this training is made for anyone who wishes to discover or deepen their knowledge of Yin. yoga.


YTT 100h - Ashtanga

Coming soon...

Yin 100h

YTT 200h - Ashtanga & Yin

Coming soon

Vinyasa Yin 200h
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