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Yoga Styles

Do you feel a bit lost between all the types of Yoga? I understand, Yoga offers so many choices and that's the beauty of this practice! You will find below a basic description of each Yoga style I teach.


You can choose any style regardless of whether you are, at the start or a little further, on your Yoga journey.

However, I add some advice on the best times of day to practice each style or for what purposes. It's only recommendations, nothing is carved in the stone: You are free!

And in case of doubt, you can always contact me.

Student reviews

Students reviews

Stefanie Scherzer, Austria

I was taking private Yoga lessons with Delphine on Lembongan and I didn’t expect a yoga teacher who is such an Allrounder - she is a perfect ashtanga teacher but also amazing for power yoga vinjasa! … but the very best she is doing is her meditation style - wow - I can’t wait to be back next year to do private and group class - because she is really one of the best teachers I met - and definitely a great woman to talk with!

From Google review

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